Welcome to What Was Supposed to Become The StopMo Wiki

But it never took off or gained traction or generated interest or ran out of cliches to euphemize its failure. So, Boy Oyng, whoever they are, is just going to turn it into a personal playground. You—whoever you are, whoever we are—are welcome to join in the fun.

It's going to stink with randomosity and ill-informed opinion around here!

For a bit more completely out of date and futile information, please read the About the StopMo Wiki page. (Actually, I wouldn't bother if I were you.)

Present Contents

It used to be early days here, but it's not anymore, and still there are only a few pages. Here's a list of everything with real content so far:

What Is Stop-Motion Animation?

General Principles of Movie-Making

A Quick Guide for Beginners: Movie Aesthetics


What Kind of Camera Should I Get?

External Tutorials Related to Stop-Motion Animation

Overview of (Unlikely Future) Contents

Select a link below to be taken to a page dealing (or that could eventually deal) with a general subject area. Most general pages will contain a table of contents for that subject area.

Scripting and Storyboarding



Studio, Stage, and Grip

Computers in Stop-Motion Production

Puppets, Sets, and Props

Animation Process



Books and Publications

Significant Movies

Test Sandbox

You can use the Test Sandbox to learn about and play with various wiki functions.

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